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"Rain on me" & "Know the name" vol. II


Artist: OG Denzo

Produced by Obs3rve

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Recording is the act of capturing sound waves. We can help you to extract all of your musical ideas from your mind and manifest them into the Logic Pro X digital audio workstation.

$50 / hr

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Creating a handcrafted sonic creation is one of the special parts of music. If you have an idea in your head, we can help you to bring it to life. Once created, you'll own your music exclusively and will be able to share it with the world for years to come.

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Equipment used: Logic Pro X Casio WK - 200 keyboard Akai MPK 25 keyboard Novation Launch Pad Yamaha club custom drum set Sound kits Sample packs

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Understanding music and the various components surrounding it can be daunting. With our 10+ years of music experiences, we can help you navigate through your music career and provide valuable resources. For the price of a cup of coffee, we can unlock your next steps together.

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Learning is growth in the music industry, and education is evolution. We provide digital teaching sessions that will assist you with your development in any areas that you need assistance with.

$25 / hr

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Jalen Little, better known by his pseudo name Obs3rve, is an African-American music producer, composer, songwriter, motivational speaker, educator, artist manager and jazz drummer. Multicultural, eclectic and diverse, his musical influences plus his 10+ years of producing, span the world while ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance, House, R&B, Pop, Jazz, to Latin all contributing to help create his unique blend of signature sounds.