Music is my vessel

OBS3RVE is an I-Standard award winning producer, engineer, & percussionist. An Illinois native, he grew up in Chicago, studying audio production/engineering and Multimedia Journalism.

He has produced  audio and video content for Alt News 26:46 which is an emmy award winning television show on PBS. Additionally, he has produced and arranged music for clients such as Nike and Jordan, as well as  some Chicago natives  such as Eshe, and abroad.  OBS3RVE performed jazz for President Jimmy Carter during the 55th Annual Golden Trum­pet Awards CHICAGO which honored the most cre­ative and suc­cess­ful pub­lic rela­tions cam­paigns of 2013. 

Obs3rve has played drums for 15 years in various settings such as concert band, percussion ensembles, jazz ensembles, marching band, and beyond. He discovered his passion for electronic music earlier on in highschool and started producing music by utilzing computer software programs such as  FL studio, logic pro x, and pro tools. 

His energy to create and collaborate is one of the many driving factors behind his creativity and vitality as a producer. Whether he's peddling through ideas, creating life's sonic opus, or enhancing the experience with other artists and producers, OBS3RVE never looses sight of being and living in the moment.