For songwriters:

Music is the universal language of which we communicate. We enjoy creating from the ground up with vocalists and rappers who know and appreciate the raw emotion that music invokes in the spirit and soul. We can create music that captures the essence of our creativity and push ourselves beyond the boundaries of sound and rhythm. 

For podcasters:

Music and podcasts go hand in hand. More often now, listeners of podcasts determine their interest based upon the first 10 - 20 seconds. We can ensure that we provide musical tones that get their attention and provide a pleasurable listening experience throughout. 

            How it works: 

Step 1: Observation Call.                               First, set up a free and quick 15 minute observational call! We'll chat about                                                                           your vision for a project and see where we can work together to bring it to life. 


Step 2: Collect observations and details.      Once we've identified your vision, we'll create next steps which include us                                                                              sending you a customized form requesting specifics of your project and all                                                                             necessary components to bring your sonic masterpiece to life.                                                                                                   We'll create a proposal outlining the scope of the project, deliverables, and                                                                             estimated cost. 


Step 3: Contract and pay.                              At this phase, we'll have reviewed the proposal and you'll receive the                                                                                       contract with the project information, payment schedule and legal documents                                                                         that ensures that we hold ourselves accountable to the results we deserve! We                                                                         will invoice you for the first payment (or full payment, pending the project). 


Step 4: We make music.                                This is where the fun begins and where we go in and let the creative process                                                                         take place! We ensure that communication is at its highest during this time,                                                                           that way you can keep track of the progress of each musical step towards the                                                                         final product. 


Step 5: You receive music.                            The final step in the magnificent process of creating is now done! We conduct                                                                         a final review of the product and ensure that it meets any and all                                                                                            expectations  set forth previously in our agreed upon format and timeframe.                                                                         At this time, you are ready to use your created musical work for any project of                                                                        your choosing! 

I'm excited to start this creative collaboration with you.